The Digest Diet – My Kick In The Pants

If you’ve been following my Weight Watchers updates, then you know that I’ve been struggling a bit lately. (And if you haven’t been following, well – now you know!)

I’ve been kicking around the same 3 pounds for over a month now. I start the week off strong, but then I have some pizza, or a trip to the drive-thru (SO BAD, I KNOW)…and erase all the good I did in the beginning of the week.

Then last Saturday I aggravated what I’m pretty sure is a heel spur and effectively benched myself from most physical activity for a while.

So when I got the email from Reader’s Digest about participating in their new diet plan, The Digest Diet, I jumped at the chance.

I heard a bit about it at BlogHer’12 and knew it would work for me. I knew I could work it in with Weight Watchers.

What I didn’t know what that it seems to be a very effective plan, it is healthy, and it is for only 3 weeks!

So What’s The Digest Diet About?

I’m not a fan of the word “diet”, and while the book is a three week plan, this is something I think I can do for the rest of my life.

The plan is based on a list of what the author calls “Fat Releaser” foods:

Notice: NUTS, DARK CHOCOLATE, WINE – this is not a bland diet! This is not a fat free diet!

The Digest Diet is 3 Phases:

Phase 1 (Days 1 through 4): Fat Release

Phase 2 (Days 5 through 14): Fade Away

Phase 3 (Days 15 through 21): Finish Strong

By the time I’m through, I’ll be eating a well balanced, whole food-filled diet. I can even have a glass of red wine every night (after the first 4 days)!