How Do You Spend The First Hour of Your Day?

One of the blogs I regularly read is called Spin Sucks. They publish great articles about PR and Marketing, and I get a lot of useful info from them. If you run your own business I highly recommend that you check them out.

A while back I read an interesting article by Gini Dietrich called, “How Successful People Spend the First Hour Of Their Day“. She was commenting on another article, first published in Fast Company, about what successful people do first at the start of their days.

These articles got me thinking – I thought it would be neat to see what WE all do during our first hour of our days. I don’t care so much about the successful people, but YOU people, you I care about!

The First Hour of My Day

I normally wake up around 6:45AM for good. I say “for good” because my girls are usually up around 6, I can hear them talking in their room, but I try desperately to go back to sleep.) My husband is nice enough to wake me up each morning, then he takes the kids downstairs for breakfast while I jump in the shower.

I am clean and dressed by 7:20AM, then I go downstairs and make a beeline for my Keurig. After prepping my coffee, I make sure the kids are on track, then I fill their lunch bags and get them ready to go.

My husband leaves for work around 7:30AM, and by then the girls are upstairs getting dressed for school. I take my little guy upstairs and get him dressed, and we’re on our way.

We’re out the door to go to school by 8:15 every morning.

Now that I write it down it doesn’t look like much, does it? lol But if you have kids you know just how loooong it takes to do everything.

On the weekends, I go to Weight Watchers on Saturday and church on Sunday, so our mornings are pretty much the same every day.