Bare Fruit Review

I’m a “sandwich and chips” kind of girl – I like to have that bit of crunch along with my ham and cheese, you know? But chips are not very nice to my hips, so I usually miss out on my crunch, left to suffer with a soft, lonely sandwich.

I know – it’s so sad.

Then I got a bag of these lovelies in my mail:

cinnamon bare fruit

I haven’t had apple chips since I was a kid, mainly because they usually come in very small bags for a hefty price, and they are usually made with other junk that makes them just as bad as potato chips.

Bare Fruit Chips Are Different
You can be sure you’re getting a quality food product when eating Bare Fruit. Check out the stats on these puppies:

bare fruit cinnamon nutrition

Ingredients: Organic Apples,

Organic Cinnamon

There is NOTHING in this bag except apples and cinnamon. And it is a BIG bag of chips! I was surprised by how big and full the bag was. Another shocker? My kids like’em! Holy Toledo – I was floored. Even the toddler was munching away. Hurray!

The chips themselves are crispy and dense, slightly sweet with just the perfect amount of cinnamon. Look how happy my sandwich is next to them:

bare fruit

Oh yeah.

And Bare Fruit chips fit perfectly with my Weight Watchers plan, since they are just 2 points for a 24g serving! Yes, an apple is 0 points, but for those days when I’m really looking for that crunch with my sandwich, these are a great alternative to greasy chips.

You can check their website for all the different flavors – they have pear, fuji apple and more. And you can order Bare Fruit chips on Amazon.