Jamberry Nails Review & Giveaway

Hi guys! I’m very excited to present my first product review for a fellow Mompreneur! Plus, there’s a fun giveaway at the bottom for you to enter.

Jamberry Nails
Nail shields are the hottest thing in nail art these days. You can get a custom, high quality look without having to be an artist (or paying someone lots of $$$ to do it for you).

Stephanie, a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, sent me some shields to try out at home. You can see all the different shields and how they work on her website. The shields are basically stickers for your nails! No harsh chemicals, no damage to your nails, and they last for 2 weeks (6 weeks on your toes!). Check out the package I got from her:

Normally you would get 18 shields per style you choose, here I got nine, which was still plenty to do both my hands. She also sent me a little manicure set, plus sheets that had tips on applying the shields.

To be honest, I don’t usually do my nails – in fact, I usually rip them off (I know, TMI), so I wanted to let them grow out a bit. Here’s my pork chop hand and my naked nails:

I cut each of the shields in 1/2, then matched the sizes up with my nails. At first I was using a slightly larger size, thinking it would be easier, but I found when I chose a size that seemed slightly smaller, that gave me the best fit.

Then, I peeled the shield off the backing, and held it with a tweezer while I heated it with my blow dryer for about 20 seconds. (The tweezer keeps you from burning your fingers). Then I placed the shield on my nail and smoothed it into place. I trimmed off the excess with my nail scissors, then used my file to smooth the edges.

It was pretty easy, although I would say it takes about as long as using nail polish. But with the Jamberry Nails there is no drying time, and no worries about chipping or messing up your manicure!

Stephanie has a video on the application process, which you can see here.

And here’s the finished look (yes, only one hand, I was by myself and taking pictures):

Cute, right? The shields stayed on really well, and didn’t move an inch until I took them off a week later. They didn’t feel any different than having polish on my nails.

To take them off, I just heated them a bit with my hair dryer, then peeled them off. My nails looked a bit “dull” that day, but by the next day they seemed fine. No damage, they didn’t feel thinner or brittle.

I would say the one drawback is that it would have been much easier to do this with a friend. I was able to put them on by myself, but if I had invited someone over to do it with me, it would have been faster (and more fun).

You can shop for Jamberry Nails on Stephanie’s website, and see new shields and tips on her Facebook page. Each set of shields gives you 3 to 4 applications, and when you buy three sets you get a fourth set for free! There are also great options for hosting online parties, so take a look to see how you can earn free product.