10 Hopefully Interesting Things About…Me!

I thought it would be neat to post some interesting things about me today, so if we met at BlogHer and you’re looking me up – hi! And if you’re just here because you like to read my blog –hi to you too!

10 (Hopefully) Interesting Things About Me

1. When I was about 10 I decided I wanted to be a Broadway actress. I took lessons and did community theater until I got to college, but eventually fell out of love with the idea. I secretly wish to be in the theatre world again someday.

2. I’ve shared elevator rides with P. Diddy (when he was on trial back in 2000 and he is really, really short!), and Jay Mohr (I was in his apartment building in NYC).

3. I was a contestant on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and won enough cash to buy our mini-van! You can check me out here (this is the first part, there are 10 total if you want to see how I did.) Oh, and Joel Stein is a big fat jerk (you’ll see why):

4. I went to 8 different colleges before finally getting my degree in 2006 – it took me 16 years!

5. I’m a lefty, and was the only one in my family until my lefty daughter Katie came along.

6. I’ve had a couple of articles published in local magazines and on the Internet. I wish I had more time to write, I have a few books running around in my head.

7. I hate naked chicken. Ever since I was pregnant with my oldest, I cannot stand the sight of “naked” chicken. I can eat it as long as it’s covered in something – bbq sauce, breading, even burnt. But just plain ole’ chicken makes me want to toss my cookies.

8. I’ve lived in the suburbs, the city and the boonies, and I know my heart belongs in the city. Specifically, Brooklyn. I was born there, moved to the suburbs when I was 3, went back to Brooklyn after I got married, then moved to the boonies of New Jersey to have kids. I miss Brooklyn every. single. day.

9. When I was in my 20′s I went to London all by myself. I spent 5 days alone in another country and had a great time! It was the scariest thing I had ever done, but it changed me and made me my own person.

10. I’m the type that has a very small circle of good friends. I have a hard time getting close to many people, but if we are good friends you will find that I am loyal and will go to the mattressesfor you.