Holy Crap – Summer’s Almost Over!

Staten Island’s South Beach with the Verrazano Bridge in the background

Holy crap – Summer’s almost over!

That’s exactly the thought that popped into my head last week. And then I frantically tried to cram a summer’s worth of activities into these last two and a 1/2 weeks. Visits with friends, going to the zoo, gymnastics open play, pool days at my in-laws.

Pool time with my little guy!

I’m exhausted!

In June it seemed like we had soooo much time. It was nice to be lazy. I loved the mornings we spent in our pj’s, coloring and doing puzzles.

But now, the girls will soon be in school. My oldest starts FIRST GRADE – the big time! She’ll be gone all. day. long.

I try to make it sound like a good thing:

“First grade is so cool! You get to do so much stuff every day!”

Inside my mind, though – I’m crying. She’ll be gone all day. My baby!

My middle girl comes home at 1PM from Kindergarten, and she’s going to miss her sister.

And my little guy? It’s just him and me for 1/2 the day. Which is nice, but I know he’s going to miss the girls a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m also looking forward to school starting. The girls are at each other’s throats on a daily basis, even with all the activities we’ve done each day. And I miss the routine of school – I like knowing what we’re going to do each day, it helps me plan a bit better.

My best friend and I finally got to see each other – we’ve been friends since we were 17!

And my work schedule during the summer is just non-existent. I had all these plans on using the summer to increase my inventory, organize my desk, get myself ready for the busy season.

I am so not ready.

I’m hoping that once school does start that I’ll get into a routine, and I can get organized, but if I couldn’t do it during the summer, I don’t have high hopes for things suddenly falling into place in September!