My Weight Loss In Pictures: Face Off!

I thought it would be fun to show you guys how my face has changed while I’ve been going through my weight loss adventures. I try to be good about taking pictures along the way, and I really get a lot of motivation from seeing how far I’ve come already.

I started out at a high of 247 pounds back in 2008, then went up and down (and up…and down…and up…) between then and May of this year. Since I was on diets almost the whole time (except when I was pregnant), I have some pretty good pictures in my archives.

The first picture is of me at my highest weight back in 2008, about a year or so after my second child was born. The middle one is at 224 pounds in 2009, right before I got preggers with my son, and the last one is a picture I took last week at 211 pounds:

Pretty neat, huh? I’m definitely moving in the right direction! I love taking pictures during the process, since it’s sometimes hard to see the changes occurring when you look in the mirror. I always see my weight loss last, but when I look at pictures, it’s easier to see.

I also have full body pictures but I haven’t taken one recently – I think I’m going to wait until I get to my Weight Watchers 10% goal, which is 208 pounds. I’m hoping to get there in a few weeks. The cool thing is that I can definitely feel my weight loss in my clothes already, so I know if I take some pictures, I should see some pretty good progress.