5 Surefire Ways To Make Me Unlike Your Facebook Fan Page

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, a Facebook fan page can be a powerful thing.

I think a lot of page owners think the trick is in getting new fans, and yes – this can be difficult. But I think the even bigger challenge is keeping your current fans happy. If you annoy them or piss them off, they’ll jump ship.

I’ve been a business fan page owner for almost two years now and I’ve grown my base to over 9K using many methods. I’ve also LOST quite a few fans by making some mistakes that I’ll share with you now. I hope these points will help you keep your current fans happy and engaged!

5 Surefire Ways To Make Me Unlike Your Facebook Fan Page
1. Post 5 consecutive messages in a very short time period. It’s very annoying to see a page “machine gun” posts in my feed, unless it’s for something unusual (and interesting to me). For example, there’s one page I follow that posts sample sales and in that case she may post three or four messages together. But this only happens once a month or so (and I really like her), so I don’t mind. But be warned – if your fans don’t really, really like you…UNLIKE.

2. Post more than once or twice a day. I am pretty much always on Facebook (don’t judge!) and when I’m not, I will scroll back to the last time I was on to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So, if you decide to post in the morning, then again at lunch, then again around 3PM, and then a couple of times at night – I’m going to see all of your posts. And I’m going to get tired of seeing you in my feed. UNLIKE.

3. Post boring or off-topic messages. I don’t really want to hear about your cat unless she started talking or can do an Irish jig. Occasional cute stories about your pets or kids are fine. Actually, I usually get a great response when I post stuff about my kids, but I only do it every once in a while and only when they do something incredibly cute or heartwarming…and that’s not very often – like once a month, maybe. Any more than that and…UNLIKE.

4. Post your views on Obama, or the Catholic church, or anything controversial. We all have an opinion and the right to speak it, but save that stuff for your personal page. As a potential customer or reader I really don’t want to know your thoughts on oil drilling (unless you sell oil drills). For bloggers this one is a bit tricky because a blog is more personal, but you still need to be careful. In this instance, you may be able to talk about more controversial topics if you keep your tone light. But for business owners, keep that stuff to yourself or…UNLIKE.

5. Respond to a customer’s complaint in a negative way. This one is tough, because sometimes a customer (or reader) can be nasty right on your fan page. Now it’s out there in public and you want to defend yourself. But you really need to be careful and watch your tone, because everyone else is watching you, too. I’m not saying you have to be a doormat, but consider your words carefully when responding in public. If you start calling names or being nasty back…UNLIKE.

Oh, and here’s a bonus tip for Facebook page owners: I love when you come to my business page and post a hello. But please, please – don’t demand that I like your page back! If you have a page, blog or business that interests me, then yes, I will like you back. But if you DEMAND that I do so just because you liked my page – well, that’s a pretty sure way to get me NOT to like yours.